The Course consists of singer Dewi Lopulalan and DJ/producer Vincent Hendriks. They meet each other in 1990 during the final of the Dutch Mixchampionship. Vincent is then already in the center of attention as the multiple winner of the DMC Dutch DJ Battle.

In 1996 they meet again at the DMC-finals, and Vincent then already started producing some tracks. He then asks Dewi to do the vocals on his new track ‘Ready or Not’ a dance-cover of the Fugees’ smash-hit. Early 1997 the track ends up in top 10 positions all over Europe, including a spectacular #5 entry in the official UK singles charts!

The successor, an up-tempo-version of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’, also becomes a succes and again entered the UK-charts at a high position, in fact the 8th position.

Music plays an all important part in Dewi’s youth; opera, ballet and theatre experiences provide a solid base while she discovers that the stage is the one and only place to be. Nowadays, these skills give THE COURSE ‘live’ the impact most current dance acts lack.

THE COURSE ‘live’ proves that a dance act can be more than a stupid house-beat with a DJ just putting his hands in the air. THE COURSE’s main man spins, mixes and scratches live on the SL1200’s and still proves why he is multiple mix champion while Dewi shines with all her stage personality. THE COURSE ‘live’ invites you to do some serious partying… are you READY OR NOT!

This year is the 20th anniversary of The Course and Vincent and Dewi decided to team up again to do a club tour. They are even planning to release new material again for this special occasion.


Dewi’s Life

The beginning

Dewi sings with regularity from the time she was a little girl. She sang in the church, in (school) bands, at talent-shows etc. When she won the “ Nederlands Freestyle dance/rap/singer Award” in 1990 her professional singing-career starts. She’s able to tour with AVRO-Roadshow “Driemaal doordraai” (a TV-network roadshow)

The 90’s

At the beginning of the 90’s Dewi performed mostly in clubs and the known pop stages in Holland and Germany’s Ruhr. Her debut single “Keep loving you” is entering the charts. After that there are 3 other single what hit the charts in Holland en Germany. Different songs come on compilation albums worldwide. At that time the world knew her by “Dawy Valentine”.

In the second half of the 90’s Dewi is working with DJ/Producer Vincent Hendriks as the dance-act “the Course”. Again several songs end up on compilation albums across a variety of countries. The single “Ready or not” is entering the charts in different countries in high ranks. In England at number 5! The following song “Ain’t nobody” is again a hit single across the world with high ranking in the charts. Everyone is welcoming “the Course” The international gigs are following and in 1999 they make a CD-album. That was the end of a wonderful time but they decided it was enough. Nevertheless Dewi continued with singing.

2000 till now

In 2000 she competed in the Dutch national song contest (preliminaries to the European song contest) She ended at one of the 8 finalist but didn’t win. (Linda Wagemakers won and got the performance at the European contest) Dewi still looks back at this as a wonderful time and enjoyed the time, atmosphere and hype around the 8 finalist.

Another career move Dewi made that year: She started her own Blackgospeltheatherproduction: Dewi and the Spirit of Joy. They perform 2 productions in over 50 theater and concert halls. De cast consisted of Dewi, Linda Wagemakers, Tarif Heljanan, Guillaume Noten, Marjorie Lanmets, The inspirational Community Gospel Choir, a six man live-band and a conductor. De vocalists Adriana Romijn, Owen Hofwijks en Caroline Dest have also performed several times as gast solist. In the same time she toured with her Moluccun theater group “Silahkan”.

In the last 25 years Dewi work at several projects as the song for the Adidas-commercial for MTV-Europe. She also vocally helped the Broadway stars at the press conference for the Lion King. And she did backing vocals at TV-shows in Belgium and Holland. In 2005 she cooperated as a lead singer for the single “In this World” after the Tsunami Christmas 2004 in Asia The funds that came out where donated to the Lilane Fonds (Dutch fund for children with a handicap in the affected area)

In total Dewi has 15 single and 3 albums on her name. Her singles are on several compilation albums in over 40 countries.

What’s she up to now

At the moment Dewi is a Guest singer at a number of choirs and bands around The Netherlands. She is also asked to reinforce Gospel bands as a Black Gospelsinger. Additional, Dewi is doing freelance studio work and sometimes it is including a video shoot. On top of that all Dewi is a member of a Gospelband named Rejoice, where they perform mostly at weddings.

As you can see Dewi is versatile.

So….When you need a party……You need Dewi there!!!!