Martijn van der Ven aka DJ Maron had his first taste of vinyl when he was seven. The first record he played was the album by Jeff Waynes “War of the Worlds” which had phenomenal sounds that influenced his interest in music. He played acoustic guitar for about six years and at the age of 16 he started importing house music from Florence and London. Although the music never lost his attention, he went to University and obtained his degree in Technical Business Administration and also got his 2nd degree in teaching.

During his studies he performed at several parties for students. In addition to this, he organised the very first Modern Dance party in 1989 in Alkmaar. He conducted a radio program called “Hendriks & Van der Ven” at the radio station formerly known as Radio Plus as well as at other radiostations. During these broadcasts which took place for more than four consecutive years, he shared his vision on modern dance music with the audience. At several parties they broadcast via a live link onsite.

He had his base at Kingdom Venue (formerly Marcanti Plaza, old cinematheater) in Amsterdam, one of the biggest clubs in the Dutch dance scene. DJs like Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Armin van Buuren and many other headliners ripped off the daylights at this venue. In the summer of 2004, Maron was invited by a Jordanian organisation,, to spin with Ferry Corsten in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

This inspired him to search for new performance opportunities at international venues in the Middle East, South America and North EasternEurope. At this point in time he decided to change his career and become a professional Entrepeneur, DJ and Producer, leaving behind a successful six year long career at Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN). He is now also a Managing Director of Insomnia Global, a young dynamic organisation which develops concepts and events internally and for third-parties. Insomnia Global produces music, events and is concept broker in lifestyle-formats.

Experience Life and Live now!

The underground house parties managed by Maron are now one of the more experimenting parties that are held for real underground clubbers. Locations where these are held include Minsk (Belarus) and ‘the Catacombe‘ beneath a church in Amsterdam and Beirut (Lebanon).

At present DJs like Fred Numf, Darren Tate, Eric Cross, Joost van Bellen, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Marco V and many more have already blasted at his venues. One of the new labels, Rhythm of Life, will present theater and dance in one concept with top of the bill artists for upperclass business to business and to consumers bringing a whole new way of pre-nightlife and nightlife spectacle with three aspects, to wine, to dine and to dance ! His new role, Master-Composer connecting Theatre and dance..

Believe in what you want to believe!

His first music-co-production was a remix of Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Marcel Woods rmx, DJ Maron rmx and DJ Chus rmx) released in May 2005 by Massive Drive (Ton TB and Erik de Koning). This track has been played many respected DJs worldwide. He created this track together with new Dutch talents Rafaël Frost, Hugo Zwarts and Miss Chianty.

After working together on this project, Frost and Maron became friends and combined forces. They have worked together as Frost & Maron and there new single Mute your Mind was released under the new label of Ferry Corsten in januari 2006, and was hammered by Ferry, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Above and Beyond and many respected DJ’s worldwide. The next single “Time Out” is also released summer 2006. Frost & Maron were invited by Ferry Corsten L.E.F. stage at Dance Valley 2006. The third single will be a project Maron Solo together with a few international producers.

WICKEDJS is his new music, lifestyle and entertainment platform since 2012 and has developed a Wickedjs 2.0 now since it started in the VIP Club as Sensation Belgrade in 2012 as a platform that will host the new concept in UAE, Dubai as a new kickstart on the Club ON42. New music, events, partnerships and a lot of exciting stuff will be released. New area’s on clubs and events will be take into the tour of 2016 and the near future.

The crossing borders where Maron has played over the last years:

  • Rhythm of Life – Borderless Theater and Dance-event
  • Dance Valley 2006 – LEF-stage
  • Free Festival 2006 – Almere
  • Jordan, Distant Heat 2; Jordan, Club Nai 2005
  • Brazil, Sao Paolo – Fashion Week – Manga Rosa 2005
  • Uruguay, Punta del Este – Pure Punta 2005
  • Belarus, Minsk – The Bronx-Insomnia Party 2005
  • Insomnia Beirut at X-OM – Lebanon
  • Rotterdam – Fast Forward Dance Parade Brazil Truck 2004
  • Holland, MysteryLand 2004
  • Holland, Insomnia parties 2003/4/5
  • Holland XtraLarge Xtra Orange – Amsterdam
  • Ibiza Vibrations – Thalia Lounge – Rotterdam
  • …and many more respected electronic danceparties